thevoicewithin (thevoicewithin) wrote in tenwordreview,

It's a week later than expected, but is finally properly live! From now on, any new reviews should be written over there, rather than here.

My favourite two bits of the new site are that it collects together all reviews of one thing onto a single page, and that it will help you count your words as you write your review. Just these two things alone should make writing Ten Word Reviews a lot easier and more enjoyable from now on. Coming very soon is the ability to search the site properly, and the ability to "favourite" any reviews you think are particularly amazing.

Pretty much every page on the site has its own RSS feed, so if you just want to keep up to date with book reviews and ignore everything else then you can. Likewise, you can follow a single user's reviews or keep track of the things that have been reviewed most often or even see a leader-board of the most prolific users.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on over to the site, create yourself a username and write your first review. If you've got any suggestions for improvements, either leave them here or email me at

I hope you like the new site :)
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